How To Deal With Negative People

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All of us sometimes have to deal with negative people that simply drains our energy and our wit. Sometimes we can avoid these people to catch a breath and other times, we may not be able to, specially, if that person happens to be a relative, co-worker, boss. How to we deal with negative people depends on our own thinking and perspective. Some might say “Do not let him/her get to you” or “Just ignore them” type of suggestions, but sometimes it is not so simple to just do that. For that we need to cultivate our mind and habit to a point where whatever someone says or behaves does not affect us.

Meanwhile, we can not get rid of people in our life, politics, jealousy, anger, negativity in people affects us. As humans tend to be social creatures and we have social need, we will bound to find occasionally people who may drive us crazy with their negative thinking.

How to Deal With Negative People

While we may wish to eliminate negativity from world, until that happens we can use these simple tips to dealing with these people bit easier on us.

1.Place limits or restrictions:

Having no limits can give anyone free reign to do as they wish, so set limit. Such as if someone keeps saying bad words or keeps on complaining, tell them to stop or redirect the conversation.

2. Find Protection

Let’s face it, sometimes we are more sensitive and vulnerable to criticism or constant negativity. During those time, find some protection to help you such as take trusted friend when you are meeting a negative person. Make sure you avoid more than require contact with difficult person until you feel ready for it.

3. Push for Positivity.

It is difficult to be positive all the time, but it can be changed. Whenever you think, negativity is starting to affect you, find a inspirational quotes book, go out in fresh air, share a joke with someone, do something you absolutely love to bring back positive balance back in to the life.

4. Redirect or Change the Topic

When conversation is going somewhere, where it becomes awkward and uncomfortable. You can redirect or change the conversation topic subtlety to avoid further negativity.

5. Find Reasons Behind it

Sometimes when we look for “whys” behind someone’s negativity either towards us or someone else, things become little easier to handle and fix. If someone is negative towards you, find out why they feel that way, once you listen to the cause you might be able to fix it, say sorry or move on. Knowing why can help you with solution in some cases.

6. Eat well, Sleep well.

Our energy or positivity is low when we are famished and sleepy. So always try to eat well, sleep well, eat and think healthy to be your best energy level to take each day in best way we can.

7. Find What works for you.

Only you know yourself better than anyone else. So, know what works for you and what situation cause you to stress out and be frustrated. Avoid people, situation that makes you feel out of control and uncomfortable. If you do find situation that is negative, work out a small back up plan to get out of it as soon as you can.

How To Deal With Negative People Video

Here is a short video I found that explains it well on how to deal with Negative people.I hope you are lucky one that do not need to deal with anyone negative, but if you are like most of us, these tips will come handy.

Your Turn: How do you deal with Negative People?

50 Ways To Show Your Love

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One of the most important thing in mankind life is love and expression of love. We human beings are social creatures and relationships are important and integral part of our living and self worth. Can you imagine, if you had money, fame, beauty and everything you wished for but no true person to love, trust? That would be unbalanced life that would suck big time.

Sometimes, we go through many emotions with our family, friends, spouse, boy friend, girl friend, parents, and children: Some of them makes us happy, some of it makes us sad, and some of it may make us angry as relationship are never straight forward, and are as complex as human beings. Many times, we do  not know how to express our love to someone, or we may show it the way we had seen from relatives, parents, which may or maybe not be the correct way. Some people may think buying expensive gift for someone you love is ONLY way to show you care. There are many simple and inexpensive ways to rock your marriage and love life.

If you ask my mom how to show we love her, she may tell that if we finished the food she cooked and asked for seconds that is love. It might be, but then you load up on love and calories at the same time, two in one combo, which may not be the perfect way to show love.Yet, my mom’s cooking is great and having someone cook for me is even greater so I ask for seconds always. Little weight and exercise later is worth it for my mom’s cooking!

Here are 50 easy and simple ways to shows your love (and hopefully right way) to your loved ones, not only on Valentine day but everyday!

  1. Simply say “I love you” and mean it.
  2. Listen to them, without interrupting
  3. Give them hug
  4. Ask them how was their day in the evening
  5. When you see them give a smile
  6. Watch romantic movies with them
  7. Do something special just for her like going shopping, or special for him like learn to like his favorite sport.
  8. Make an effort to take an interest their life
  9. Do not lie
  10. Keep faith in each other
  11. Make thier favorite meal for him/her or make it together
  12. Watch sunset together
  13. Put blanket on them when they have slept off, tuck them in (Yes, even adults)
  14. Show them you “need” them in your life
  15. Invest time in your relationship
  16. Do not compare them with others
  17. Share good things about them to others
  18. Share problems and issues you may have in private
  19. When having an issue, address situation and do not attack the person
  20. When being busy, spend quality time
  21. Listen, truly listen (not just “hear”)
  22. Encourage them to be the best
  23. Have trust in them
  24. Do not be possessive, let them be
  25. Make a time for each other
  26. Do not nag (If you can not help it, do it less)
  27. Be genuine in praise
  28. Try to forgive silly minor mistakes
  29. Do not cheat on them
  30. Dance together (Even when you do not know how)
  31. When in your loved one is in bad mood, give them some space without ignoring them too much
  32. Never go to sleep angry (I learned this from Zenguy)
  33. Keep your promises
  34. Be a good father: That is a good turn on for many wives
  35. Do not gossip about him or family: How to make sure a guy like you
  36. It is okay to depend on each other
  37. It is okay to be traditional in marriage
  38. Be respectful of each other
  39. Set boundaries in love and follow it (specially when dating)
  40. True love is giving and never disciplinarian or authoritative
  41. Note to girls:  You do not have to dress provacotically to make guy like you, cover up! (Right Guy will respect you for it.
  42. Something are worth waiting for such as Sex
  43. Treat them like you wanted to be treated
  44. Praise them even when they are not around to hear it
  45. Say what you mean
  46. When angry, count until 100 before you say something you may regret
  47. Occasional dis-agreement and fights are natural in the beginning, do not think your love is doomed because of it.
  48. Make compromises that work for both of you.
  49. Do not follow love trends of celebrities or others, make your own judgement and follow your own gut feelings
  50. Love is surrendering to other person, it is not about having power over them.

Have a great love life with these simple steps, do you have yours to add to the list?

Lifestyle Magazine’s New Issue: Relationship

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