12 Ways for Random Act Of Kindness

Here are 12 ways of Random Act Of Kindness and Christmas Kindness tips to make you and others life around you little bit sweeter in busy, chaotic December! These are simple ways to cheer someone up and it will not cost you much, but bring you so much inner joy. Random act of kindness works Try it and see it yourself.

12 Ways To Make Someone’s Day: Random Act of Kindness

  1. Smile and say cheery hello to strangers.
  2. Ask and offer help to a parent of crying child
  3. Let someone in line before you.
  4. Pay toll for car behind you.
  5. Buy someone in need a hot meal or make one at home for them
  6. Pick up trash and throw in trash bin
  7. Give warm blankets or extra coat to someone in need (specially people who are homeless or less fortunate)
  8. Say Thank you.
  9. Babysit for busy parent
  10. Sing a happy tune or songĀ  just because(even if you think you can not sing)
  11. Give a hug ( Jadoo’s Jhappi in Hindi Language)
  12. Give or read a inspirational book to someone

Bonus: This is from Valishali from HolyCowVegan.net: If you have blankets or towels to give away, please consider donating them to your local animal shelter. The dogs and cats need them!

I want to share a small video of Jadoo is Jhappi from a Hindi Movie called Munnabhai MBBS. It is a story of guy called Murli Prasad Sharma also known as Munna bhai who is local don wanting to be a doctor. He believes in Jadoo’s Jhappi or magical hugs to bring happiness in his own way. This this short scene, he is at the hospital where he is studying to be doctor with another lady doctor and there is old cleaning person/janitor who is visibly upset from years of tough work and no appreciation. Munna bhai makes him better with his simple appreciation and his Jadoo ki Jhappi.

It is about 1.34 minute long and has english subtitle of those who do not know Hindi.

Jadoo ki Jhappi =Heartfelt Hug Video


How are you making someone’s day today?


Image Source: Jochoo

You are richer than you think!

You may have heard these, “Misery loves company”, “When it rains, it pours!”. Sometimes, when one trouble comes, other troubles/problems seemed to be right behind it. “When life give you a lemon, make lemonade”, strategy works sometimes, but other times, it is just too much effort to be cheerful or see positive side. I fall in to this trap often. Zenguy is natural at being positive and optimistic even in bad situation, while I learn from him a lot, seeing innocent smiles on my kids also lifts my spirits up.

Most people’s worry and concern seemed to be money related now a days. No matter how poor we think we are, we are still rich, because we have roof over our heads, health, family and friends and food to eat, clean water to drink. We have lot more compared to many folks in the world.

If you still feeling bit down about your financial outlook, here are a few ways to make you little bit more happy and content with yourself.

1. Help others in need.
2. Do one thing you really love, everyday at least for 10 minutes.
3. Get close to nature, be outside, gardening, walking in park, looking at birds.
4. Spend/give time each day to your 6 area for balanced life as seen 6 critical areas for life balance.
5. Practice silence everyday for 10 minutes: or meditate.
6. Be optimistic and positive.
7. Don’t dwell on decision making. Making wrong one is far better than indecision.

Don’t believe me? Check out Global Rich list calculator. Just type in your salary, it has choices of currency in Dollar, Pound, Yen etc., and see yourself in top percentage of world population. Your perspective will change!!!

How did you financially rate among the world’s population? How did it make you feel? Did your perspective change?


Photo source: Long Beach city college Newsletter at http://fina.lbcc.edu