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Welcome to Happy Heart and Mind blog, where you will find life style subjects to make you life a little better and little fun. Life is all about finding a balance of all the things we have to do and all the things we want to do.

Me, in front of our houseI am Preeti Bhatt, who writes here under wishful pen name of Zengirl. I am stay at home mom of 2 kids,  homeschooling parent and teacher. I love reading and cooking.  I am originally from India and currently, living in the Northern California with family. I started this blog for my passion to share and not a plan to make money. Although, I hope to make enough to recover web maintenance cost someday. You can read more details about me in about Zengirl Page. I am slow z list part time blogger, meaning I post things when I have something to say and not to fill up space.

All areas of life balance can be found here such as social, family, financial, productivity, knowledge or creative learning, health and fitness, green living or sustainable living, simplicity, zen or calming balance.

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