50 Way To Increase Your Income & Earn Money

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Many of us are working at a job for pay bills and save money for the retirement. However, after paying bills, insurance and daily spending very little is left for many people. Right now with economy being down, many people are laid off, or getting paid less in their current job.

Many of us are looking for ways to make money on side to boost our income a little or a lot. There are a few ways which are relatively easy for any of us to make extra money. Now, none of us will be able to retire with these ideas or be a millionaire, but it will sure increase a nice boost to your income. Check it out, many are easy to do for any of us.
Ways to Make Money In Hurry

50 Ways to Make Money

Here are 50 ways to make money and boost your earning income to comfortable level.

1 Do online surveys. Many online surveys pays as little as 10 cents to 5 dollars. There are many surveys are out there to try it out. Beware of the one that asks for fee, try only free surveys sites. You can do surveys online or via email.

2. Sell sometimes from home which are not using. You can sell your stuff on craigslist, ebay or amazon. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You can make good amount depending on type of stuff you have. If you have any collectibles items, you can make good money. A friend of mine sold his baseball cards to make $950, not bad for something sitting in his closet. Sell only things you do not care for or not interested in.
Offer to drive someone around for little pay. Sometimes you can drop off people to airport, or pick up groceries for them and some of them will pay you $5-$20 for it.
3. Go around in neighborhood and ask them if the need lawn mowing done. You can go with a buddy and clean up yard for $20-$50 per yard.

4. Clean houses, sure it is not glamorous but cleaning house for a couple hours can make you $70-$150. Most of the area people need cleaned are bathroom and kitchen. If the house is super messy, you can ask for more money for it.

5. Give Blood, many blood banks are always looking for blood donation. It can be helpful to someone and you can make some money out of it. Check out everything before you donate your blood.

6. Write for online places such as hubpages or squidoo. You can make some money while writing about things you know. You do not need to be a great writer, good enough writer will do. Click here to join HubPages and Squidoo here. It is free to join.
7. Baby sit your neighbor or relative’s kids. If you like kids that is the great job to do. If you get a babysitter license, you can watch kids at your home and make a good full time income from watching 2-5 kids at home at once. Not bad.

8. Pick up children from school service is great as many parents are still at work when kids gets off the school. Parents need someone to pick up kids from school, and drive them home and spend couple of hours with them until they get home. These kids are usually older and can take care of themselves so it is good potential of making extra money.
9. Start blogging, you will not make money right away as it takes sometimes but blogging can be a good income source for many if done right.

10. Rent a room in your house, if you have an extra room that you are not using. That is great way to have income coming in without doing much work. You can set some rules as you see fit for your lifestyle such as no smoking inside the house, no late parties and so on. You can rent room for $200 to $700 per month, depending on where you live.

11. Teach English to adults and kids. Many times people want to learn proper English and you can teach them and it is a good way to supplement your income.

12. Paint street and house numbers: These painters have a block to paint numbers for street or house number and you can make $10 or more for painting each house on curb side. I recently paid someone $15 for my place and found out this can be done by anyone.

13. Recycle metal, cans and make extra money. If you are using lot of cans and metals, you can take it to recycle and make some money by doing it.

14. Paint houses, lot of people are looking for someone to do the work of painting the house. Painting house is relatively easy once you move the furniture and have supply at hand. It can be a great boost for additional income when money is tight.

15. If you love taking pictures, put your pictures in photo sharing sites, some of them you can earn money if someone decides to download it and use it for their website or print media.

16. Write for others: Many people are not great writers and looking to buy articles they need in specific niche subject, you can earn money by writing for demand studios or about.com.

17. You can always look for odesk, freelancer sites to see what are people looking in services, if you can provide those services that is a great way to make easy cash money.

18. Sell your hair for cash. Many people need real human for making wigs. If you have a long hair you can sell it for money, and your hair eventually will grow again in no time.

19. Take dogs for walk services. Many people are too busy to take their dogs for walk, if you have time and like being with dogs, then this is a great way to get outdoor and make some money along with it.

20. Deliver newspaper: There are still many people who are getting newspaper delivered to their homes. You can do small or large route and make money delivering newspaper as an adult too.

21. Fix computers for others: If you are computer savvy and know lot of installing and fixing minor computer problems, this has a great potential as many people are looking for ways to get help for computer related problems.

22. Invest in stocks: If you know what you are doing and know your stuff well with help for right people, tools, you can make good money in stocks. I am still learning but I know a friend who has made a good profit playing the stock market wave.

23. Sell your gold. Many of us have gold stuff that we do not use or care for, selling it to a reputable company can bring some cash to you. Do research before sending your gold anywhere.

24. Land your voice: If you have a great radio voice, you can do voice over for many companies or individuals. Good and easy way to make extra income.

25. Odd jobs as needed: One can shovel the snow, washing a car, cleaning a rain gutter, small handyman type of job will help make extra income in short amount of time on side.

26. Help people move: If you have a van or truck, you can be hired locally to move stuff for people and you can charge people by mile or amount of stuff they have.

27. Become a mystery shopper: Mystery shopping can be fun, as you can shop or dine to check out the services and file a report. Generally you do not get paid for items unless they are food in restaurant. Generally you will get paid $10-$20 per project. Look for mystery shopping opportunity near you.

28. Deliver Phone Books: You can deliver phone books to various neighborhood to supplement your income.

29. Start a small business from home: If you have some ideas for a business, start one from home, alone or with a friend. There are many business ideas to choose from, go with what you know.

30. Put your saving goals in high interest yielding account to make easy passive money.

31. Create a CD ladder: Here is a idea on how to create a CD ladder to earn more money from your interest on your savings.

32. If you use credit card, use reward cards that gives back percentage of spent amount of mileage for traveling, it is a great way to earn money from something you use anyways.

33. Tutoring kids for various subject such as math, science, reading or something you know.

34. Teach music: if you know how to play piano or how to play guitar, giving lessons from home can boost earning for you.

35. Search for bonus and freebies for signing up. Many times, banks and other companies may offer some bonus or freebie to open up an account for you, some time as high as $100, look for these deals.

36.Write an ebook on subject your know well of and sell it online.

37. Look for missing money and where is my refund sites to check if you have any money in it that you can claim.

38. Deliver Pizza; Most people order pizzas Fridays and in weekend, so if you get a part time job during that time, you can earn some money plus make some extra on tips as well.

39. Do car valet services: you can offer to park cars for popular restaurants, hotels or resort and make good money on income and tips.

40. Sell bottled water and cookies during fair and cultural event for profit

41. Sell your nicer stuff on consignment stores; Nicer clothes or nice stuff can be sold for higher prices at consignment store.

42. Use cashCrate for making some extra money.

43. Get free or cheap stuff from friends and resell it at higher price, after repairing and updating the pieces.

44. House sitting: Taking care of house related stuff while owners are short or long term vacation can be a great boost of income as well it can be free rent for you.

45. Be a guinea pig: Many times when new drug or product comes out, the pharmaceutical companies need to test the outcome, so if you are brave enough you can check out these opportunities for easy money for a few hours or long term work.

46. Sewing and alterations services: If you know how to sew and have a sewing machine at home, you can do small to big job or sewing new clothes, pillow cases, curtains and so on and you can make money doing alterations for expensive clothing for many people.

47. Be a Nanny: Nanny job is different than babysitting, as you will be watching only one family kids either at their home or yours. Many times, these nanny job comes with free rent, food and income to stay with the family.

49. Adult Daycare services: Many times elderly people or people who are sick need looking after and there are many opportunity out there for adult day care service jobs.

50. Have a garage sale for unwanted items, specially in spring and summer month. You will get rid of clutter at home and make money at the same time.

What Is A Blog? How Can You Start One Today?

What is a Blog?

If you asked this question around 2005, not many people knew what blog was and what that word meant. Now many people are writing on blog today and blogging has became a huge phenomenon. There are many free ways to start a blog such as from blogger and wordpress sites. There are hosted sites you can get from website hosting companies.

While my blog is surely not about how to start blogging or making money, I do often get asked by new readers who may want to start a blog, either to express themselves, show off their recipes, poems and what not. I am certainly not blog expert, but I know a few things since blogging since mid 2009, it has been over 3.5 years so I have picked up things that I want to share.

One caution is, blogging is never get rich quick thing for most of us, I am blogging for a few years and making money takes time and true passion. If one want to make money, then keyword and seo is important. I recommend expert such as Pat Flynn at smart Passive Income blog and Darren at Problogger to find out more on how to blog for making money as they are far better and expert in the blogging to make money field.

I started out on free blogger site first. However, I personally prefer to have my own site hosted on web hosting account, as it give me more control over design and content of my blog sites. I use BlueHost for hosting and I am quite happy with them. However there are many web hosting choices to choose from.

If you are starting out check out how to get blog set up  and website tools needed to get you started off on right Path.

Various Types of Blogs and Sites

As long there is a internet alive, blogging will be too and it has future. It may change with time as internet changes.

Type of Blogs:

Personal Blogs: This is where people write about themselves as a journal, to keep in touch with long distance friends and families, to create a online journal to keep a goal such as losing weight or saving money etc.,

Information Blog: These type of blogs are great for sharing and learning about some particular topic such as gardening, cooking or fitness.

Some people do it for fun, some do it for making money. I like to do it for mostly fun, however it would be nice to make money to recover cost involving hosting, domain and time spent a little for most people.

Details about Type of Sites:

Static Websites: These type of website do not change, they are usually few pages long and have information about one subject and people can learn, click and go. Example includes many bank sites, picture images site, how to articles.

Blog: Blog is where content is often updated and posted. Some on daily basis or some on weekly basis. People can blog how often they like about one subject to multi subjects they like. Fresh content makes it easier for search engine to find and rank your site. That is one of the reason many site including corporates site now has a blog section.

Forum: Some site has a blog and forums and some sites are only forums on specific topic. Even many money and parenting sites has several forums which are quite popular among people. It could be addicting. Forums are best for asking questions and learning from it.

Knowledge/Wiki: Some sites are open for others to share their reviews or point such as IMDB or wikipedia, where people may learn and post knowledge they have.

Podcast Blog: These type of sites have audio based postings, such as interviews you can listen to, music you can listen to and so on. It seems to be popular with many people who can listen to podcast while driving or doing other things.

Video Site: You tube, Vimeo are popular example of these sites that are big. One can start his or her video blog by recording a topic or places to put on the blogs and share the knowledge on subject they are expert on.

I think it is best to use all or some combination of above types of site to get more exposure! What is your view on blog sites?

10 Easy Ways to Earn More Money

Right now in down economy and lay off from jobs, many people are looking to earn bit more money to stretch their budget bit further.  I am sure many of us know of these tips, these certainly are not new or invented now; our grand parents and great grand parents before have done a few of these tips to save money in their times as well. With new technology and internet, we have little different options for money savings and earning.

If you have not read other financial related posts; check it out below;

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No spend Month Analysis At End of the Month:

Now, let us look at a few ways to earn more income for you and your family. I have not tried them all, choose what works for your own circumstances, if you choose. I wanted to share some of the ideas that I gathered for our family.

Ways to Earn More Money:

1. Start a Blog:

Many people who start a blog, can make some money and a few lucky expert bloggers can make full time income from it. However, it is not easy to make money for many blogger like myself. I might be the rare blogger who does not make money yet. For some blogging can be part of passive -active income. To start a blog, one does not need to have money, you can start on free platform like wordpress or blogger to get it started on subject you are passionate about and something you think you can make money on.

2. Do baby Sitting:

If you have young kids already or like kids, baby sitting can be great choice to earn extra income. Many teenagers and adult can work either part time or full time baby sitting. I know someone who makes full time income watching young kids. One may have to spend money on getting proper license and house/place appropriate for young kids to get it started.

3. Sell unwanted items on Craigslist or ebay

Most of us have items laying around in our house, that we are not going to use again, such as kids outgrown toys, our skinny jeans that we wore when we were 16 (that we secretly wish to fit in to some day) and so on. We can make some extra money from clothes, toys, furniture, collectibles items sitting around in our garage or attic. Your house will be cleaner and you will make some money as well.

4. Sell Gold or Jewelry:

This tip has been very popular last year since gold prices have gone over $1000 per ounce. Now, this tip only works if you have gold or gold jewelry in your house. For many of us, we may not have any gold to sell, however this is great idea for a few who have gold and not using, nor wearing it.

5. Do Online surveys:

I have not done any but a few of blog friends I know swear by doing surveys to earn bit more money. Nothing much to retire on, but you have some have extra cash for rainy day or to pay bills. There are many sites out there for it.

6. Rent a room in your house

If you are living in a house with extra room, you can rent the room for extra income. Just make sure to charge right amount and set up rules and forms to make more easy to handle. I have not tried this tip yet but I know our friends have and they are happy and so is renter for cheap accommodation. If you are single and do not own house, you can save money by sharing a room or renting a room from someone.

7. Use your skill to earn money:

If you know how to fix computer, or write, or cook, you can provide these services to those who need it and charge small amount or large depending on your expertise to make extra income in your household.

8. Be Mystery Shopper:

I have done this type of job when I was still in college, basically what you do is shop at certain places where they ask you to and fill out an survey with receipt and you will get paid $10 for survey. Make sure you return the items as some items are not reimbursed. If you asked to survey a restaurant, some meals might be paid for. There are many mystery shopping companies around, look for one in your local area.  You can find out more here: http://www.mysteryshop.org/

9.  Recycle Metal or old cell phones:

Not everything can be recycled and not everything we recycle can make money but a few items can such as any metals or old cellphone (even broken ones) can be recycled at right places to make extra cash for you. You may want to check your local recycle organization and ask around to see how much can be made.

If you drink sodas or beer, those cans can be recycled for little cash as well.

10. Provide garden service

Any one of can do lawn mowing, if you have bit of time, you can start providing lawn mowing service to your neighbors and others. Some people can make $20-$30 for one lawn mowing time which takes about 20-30 minutes depending on size of the yard. While, we have not done to this to make money, we have used this service when we could not keep up with lawn maintenance ourselves, it is a win-win situation for both.

Other ways to Make Money?

Sure, there are many other ways to make money. I wanted to keep it simple and easy for any of us to start making some money and are legal.

  • Do stock investing: day trading which much more active or even passive investing.
  • Do freelancing job
  • Web design services
  • Running errands for people services: such as buying groceries, picking up kids from school.
  • Sewing and alteration services
  • Interior design ideas and services
  • Painting houses/building
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Repairing (any type such as roof, plumping, electronics and so on)
  • Part time job at office
  • Medical transcript service
  • Work at home ideas/mailing
  • Opening bank accounts which offer free money to open account
  • Earning interest on your money market or CDs accounts
  • One can go through Kiva and loan money to others to make some money (may involve some risks)
  • Forex : Money if you have skills and know how
  • Multi level marketing : Be weary of many but there are some good and legitimate companies
  • Putting pictures on flickr and other site : Pay per use
  • Start writing for associate content, ehow, hubpages and squidoo to earn extra income.
  • Be a ghost writer for others, you may not become famous but you may earn little money
  • Write ebook and sell it on your website
  • Start a business
  • Teach a class (cooking, art, yoga something you know and can be valuable to others)
  • Write and publish a book Through publisher or your DIY book sites
  • Teach at local community college : evening class on subject you know about
  • Clutter buster and organization services
  • Financial and debt help ideas services
  • Make and sell things at etsy, flea market and local festival
  • Have garage sell
  • Do lemonade stand (great for young to teenager kids)
  • Find part time job elsewhere

Only our imagination can stop us, there are many ways to make extra money, all of them may not be possible for all of us. However, if you love and know about something very well and it is helpful to others, you might be able to make some or lot of money with it. I am not an expert on making money at all, I am going to learn along with you all.

Some Strange Way Some People Make Money

Do you have tips that you want to share with others? Please do so, as I am sure it will be helpful.

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