Welcome To Heart and Mind. This site was born out of my desire to write about our typical daily life and living. My name is Preeti, and I write under pen name of Zengirl here. I am lifelong vegetarian, geek at heart, mom, a wife, book worm. I write about things that I live daily are important me such as money savings tips and ideas, simplifying life, parenting, education, cooking and being healthy along with self improvement and personal development articles posts.

My Journey to Be a Z list Blogger:

Spider kids and me!

 Zengirl and Kids in 2010 (Why I am slow blogger)

In late 2008, I did not know what a blog was. I was pregnant with my second child and looking to find more ways to save money, so I can continue to stay home with kids and still have comfortable life. You see, my life happened slowly, and I never knew I was going to end up this way, staying home with 2 kids, being happy to leave my job, homeschool and be a lazy slow z list blogger.

I started out much like many others before me. I graduated from high school, went for Electrical Engineering degree and started working for telephone and communication company. I was happy and thought making difference. After marrying another Engineer and my best friend Zenguy, I continued working and started my MBA program during weeknights while working in silicon valley. I also got promoted to Market Development manager, traveled in US and Europe for business. I lived high life and made good money. However, stress was at high level, so when during the economy down time in silicon valley, I wished for layoffs and got it.

I thought of regrouping and re-energizing myself for small break and going back to work in no time. Then I got expecting my first child and I decided to stay home. Again, I thought I would go back to work like my friends after R was a year old, but I liked staying home and I had learned ways to live frugally so I did not have to work, Zenguy was making enough money to survive.

When I got pregnant with my second child, life got even more tougher, Zenguy had started a business and we were without any income. 1 child and 2 adult with mortgage, and bills with no money coming in. It seemed like darkest period of my life but somehow we survived for 22 months with savings, borrowed money from friends and family, tough pregnancy and sick infant.

During these dark times, I started to read other blogs to inspire myself and keep focus and I started writing on free blog platform blogger. I had no one visiting and reading my blog at first. Then soon I started getting visitors and comments, it was amazing to get first comment from people I did not know.

I  never started a blog to make money, it was all about sharing what I know and what I liked and what I did not. It is still same way, I have made few bucks here through my books recommendations but heart and mind blog is all about finding balance between heart and mind and my personal journey in a way.

After blogging for a few years on blogger, I wanted more control over my own content and design of my blog so with help of Zenguy, I bought the domain name and got hosting from bluehost to transfer my writing here to continue my blogging journey.  I write a few posts, about once or twice a week at most, I hardly do much promoting my blog as I am lazy and busy with 2 young kids. I recently joined twitter and pinterest after 3.5 years of blogging. I write about many subjects that are close to my heart and share stories hopefully inspire to you make a positive change in your own life.

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Some of the wide lifestyle subjects you will find on Heart and Mind;

  • Relationship: Love, Marriage, Parenting, Kids, Friends
  • Financial and Wealth: Making and earning money, saving money, Retirement
  • Health and Food: Cooking, Vegetarian and Vegan recipes, losing weight, simple health tips, fitness
  • Reviews: Review of product or issue
  • Learning: Creativity, How to posts, educational, poems, stories, art
  • Misc. Interesting: Facts, tidbits and interesting news and other posts that do not fit elsewhere.
  • Self Improvement:Being happy, let go of sadness, anger, build confidence, find value.
  • Zen Balance: Charity, finding balance, good causes, finding peace, being content

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