How To Get Rid Of Mouse From House

We had mice problem in our house while ago, while the I wanted to get rid of mice without killing them. Like any vegetarian, animal lover and compassionate person I was stumped on ideas how to do that as most solutions were somehow did not appeal to me, specially glue traps. I wrote about it in how to how to get rid of mouse naturally. before in detail post here at heart and mind.

While cold and rainy season started, I thought of seeing mouse sighting again after long time, so I had to learn more about mouse in general and repeat the compassionate process of getting rid of mice again. I think and hope this is last of we see any mouse in our house.

Learning about Mouse

Mice have been living along side of human for ages. There are so many type of mice and rats. One of the common problem many people have in city or in rural setting is having a mouse or rather large mice problem. Before you learn how to get rid of mouse, learning a bit more about them would be useful thing to do.

Mouse and Rats are some mammal that belong to order of rodents. There are so many type of mouses, the most common is called “house mouse”, field mouse and white footed mouse along with other types.

Some kids and school have kept mice as pets at home or in science lab. Mice’s natural enemy are cat, fox, snake, some dogs and bird of prey. Many pet store sells infant mice for food for pet snakes as well.

Mice are naturally nocturnal, meaning most active during night time. They have bad eye sight but they keep them self by keen hearing and smelling talent from predictors. Unless you have a mouse as pet, it is not funny to open up a kitchen cabinet to find mouse jumping or running over you. No one is immune to having a mouse in house, not even Prince William and Princess Kate, all of us can have mouse problem sometimes or the other.

Top reasons you do not want mouse or mice in your house:

  1. They damage the furniture, electronic wires and walls in your house.
  2. They eat and damage the food in your house such as from seeds to crackers and more.
  3. They spread dies ease to human through their feces and parasites.
  4. They multiply very fast, meaning in no time you can army full of mice in house if not properly taken care of.

How To Get Rid of Mouse Naturally

There are many ways to get rid of mouse from your house. Instead of cruel glue traps and poisoning them, we can get rid of them humanely and naturally as possible.

Here a few ways to get rid of mouse naturally:

1. Seal Entry to the house.

2. Fill wall holes with steel wool, as mouse can not chew through it.

3. Try humane live traps to catch and release in wild.

4. Try peppermint oil or mint for detterent.

5. Some people have success using moth balls as mouse do not like its smell

6. Get a cat in house.

7. Try electronic pest beeps to keep them away.

8. Cover and seal all food in tight lid containers.

To learn more in details about being compassionate see: 13 ways to be compassionate

Image source: Wikipedia