How to Have a Safe Halloween

I admit, I celebrate Halloween much more as a parent then when I was in college. Sure, as single gal, we did costume party and gathering but now as a mom we do pretty much whole October month as a Halloween celebration that includes, visiting many pumpkin patches, petting zoo, jump houses, attending fall carnivals, costume party and family gathering sometimes. Most kids love Halloween, what is not to love? Dressing up as their favorite super heroes, princess or character is fun and getting free candies while playing dress up! It sure seems like logical fun holidays for most young kids, some teens and a few adults too.

Kids loves trick or treating and we attend a few safe school or neighborhood trick or treating. My kids also love when other kids come and trick and treat at our place. We have fun guessing what they are dressed up as. As a parent safety during trick or treating is important to all of us. Here are a few quick tips to make Halloween fun and safe for kids and parents both.

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids :

  1. Go with your kids to trick or treating, specially if they are younger. For older kids, still go together, some parent may choose to follow older kids with  bit distance. My kids being young I or Zenguy usually go with them.
  2. Do not go to strangers house or dark houses you do not know well. Try to visit your local street or people you know for trick or treating.
  3. Always watch out when crossing the road and hold hands, specially young kids.
  4. If older kids or teens want to go alone, make sure they carry cell phone and tell parents the path may they take and stick to it.
  5. Pick and choose a costume that is safe to walk in to. It can be store bought or home made.
  6. I am always shocked at sexed up costumes for young girls, avoid it and choose age appropriate costume that is well suited for kids and colder evenings during Oct 31st. You can make some easy costumes at home as well.
  7. Do not over plan and make a busy Halloween with trick or treating, parties and gathering. Keep it simple as younger kids tend to get tired and cranky easily.
  8. If you host a party for family, try simple decor as too much scary decor will scare some kids.
  9. Keep simple finger food, music for fun gathering for family and kids alike.
  10. Most of all, make sure do not finish all candies on same day! That goes for mom and dad too!

With simplicity and clean fun in mind, Halloween can be fun for all ages of kids, teens and adults.

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Have a fun and Safe Halloween!

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