Celebration: A Poem About Life

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I have written poems before on this blog before along with posts (here is one Englightenment), here is another poem about celebrating the life we have. I like to write poems, short stories and fictional novels at home on my spare time. I have not published any of them and at this moment I do not have any plans to, other than putting on a blog here.

We should celebrate life everyday, life it self is a miracle and wonders, new learning, pain, suffering, frustrations, joy, love all mixed in to one. Why wait for a special day to celebrate it, when we can do it today. Here is my small attempt at life celebration. Hope you like it. Celebrate your life today with friends and family.

Celebration : A Poem about Life By Zengirl

Let us come together and celebrate the love and joy that is given

Life and Living with laughter and pain that may feel like hell and heaven.

Do you see and feel the miracle of life on earth today?

I did not until now, I always thought I would make time for it some day.

Someday never came as it is not one of the seven day

If you want to do something someday, I would say start today.

Make happy memories that can last long time for years to come.

Laugh, slow down and smell the roses, and do not be a gloom.

Live and learn, cry and laugh are part of our daily living.

If you just let go of a your worries, sometimes it can be misgiving.

Choose happiness over worrying, that one can never be

To happy to laugh out loud in face of problem, you’ll see.

Yes, it can be done, we can celebrate life in tiny bits

Our dark clouds of worries and tension will go away and life will be fit.

Other Celebrations Things:

I was just curious to see and find a few items and places that has celebration name or theme inside. Here are some noteworthy mentions;

Celebration Song by Kool and Gang: There is a nice catchy oldies song. “Celebration” is a song released in 1980 by Kool & the Gang from their album Celebrate!. The song dominated the radio for nearly the entire year, and is still heard today at weddings and parties and sporting event.

You can download MP3 here : Celebration Song by Kool and Gang

Celebration song by Maddona:In 1990s Maddona has album released called celebration, which also had a song called celebration in it. It recieved mixed response from critics and some fans. Song nevertheless has dance beat to it. You can listen to it free on internet or you can hear on original album Celebration.

Celebration: The Town:  I did not know there was a town called Celebration or had a history, until someone told me about this book. It has interesting history with Disney, Florida, Frantz and Cathy Collins and their two children moved in to participate in and report on this new venture. Their account, which The Richmond Style Weekly called a “fascinating and evenhanded” report from the trenches, follows the ups and downs of the two years the family lived this experiment firsthand; the new afterword details their surprisingly difficult transition back to a “normal life” in Westport, Connecticut. Their experience tells us as much about ourselves and our hopes and dreams as it does about the daily reality of building a community from the ground up.