A Short Story about Beautiful Girl

A Short Story About a Girl Who Didn’t Know She Was Beautiful

Writing Short Stories and Poems

I have many taste along with cooking, watching movies, reading and also writing. I have been writing stories and poems for past few years but have not shared much. I have written a few poems along with post but I have not shared my fiction writing here so far. My mother and my Nana (Grandfather) both are published author, compared to them, I suck big time so I waited until I got perfection. With time I realize, only practice makes perfect and not time, so here it is for public eyes first time.  This is something I written about 4 years ago or so, and this is edited new version here for your eyes!

This is a fictional story about a girl, who is beautiful inside out but does not feel she is. I myself have gone through many self doubts about beauty before as many other girls and women may have gone through it one time or another. We all have self doubts and feel we can improve and look and feel better inside and out. Sometimes, we need to learn to see it from other’s point of view, then we may realize how beautiful, handsome or smart we truly are. I really believe all girls are beautiful and all guys are handsome, it is confidence in ourselves that makes us look the best, and not any make up or clothes can.

This is image of Frieda Pinto, Indian actress who I think is truly beauty

Beauty in Her Eyes : By Zengirl

Nira was sitting alone in cafe, sipping on her hot Cappuccino and looking out from her laptop to see people sitting around her.

Day was warm and sun has just come out from the cloud glaring Nira’s dark skin. She took out her light sweater and placed it on chair next to her. She tried to read and engage in romance novel she was reading but her mind was not in to the novel today. She generally liked to read a lot but not today!

Her eye went to nearby table where three girls about her age were having coffee, and loads of fun with laughing every minute like there was no care in the world. Nira looked at these women and thought how beautiful they were. One lady had red shawl draping her red curly hair around the shoulder! And next to her, there was a blond in dark yellow shirt, with high pony tail, she looked like fashion model to her. Third woman had dark hair and fair skin and had a beautiful smile that she has seen on any woman.

Nira sighed and wished she was as beautiful and did not have her dark skin to worry about it, then surely she would have a boyfriend! No wonder she was alone, she thought to her self. More she thought about it, sadder she became. Nira tried to shake her thoughts in to her novel and realized her cappuccino was done, and she needed more caffeine to keep her energy about.

As she got up and walked by those girl’s table to go near cashier to order more needed caffeine boost. As Nira walked passed that table with 3 girls, they looked at her walking by. One girl said to other, “Did you see how beautiful she is?”

Second girl chimed, “oh I love her dark skin, I am trying to get tanned at salon but I hardly get it right tone”.

Third girl said: “I bet she is model or actress..I loved her dress”. They all sighed and said “I wish I was beautiful like her.”

Five minutes later when those girls left the cafe, they walked by Nira and gave her smile in admiration. Nira thought how kind of these girls are to take pity on her and make feel better by smiling at her.

She never knew how beautiful she was truly. Not that day at least!