Kids Say Funniest Things: 4

had started a Kids Talk series in early days of Happy Heart and Mind blog but did not get much chance to post occasional silly and funny story until now. R likes funny and silly stuff like many young kidsand he actually quite funny on several occasions without trying that cracks us up. Humor is important part of life and much needed in our otherwise stressed life.

If you have your own kids or nieces and nephews you will know what I am talking about that kids can say cutest and funniest things and even if you do not have kids, I hope you can still appreciate kiddish humor in your life. Read on, hopefully it will make you chuckle a little.

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I have 2 little boys, who keeps me not only very busy to do many things, they are also my source of learning, amazement and smiles when I am least expecting it. I have written my and my kids personal funniest moment, which I am sure many of you have funny as well. Here are a few funny sayings that really happened;

Got Cold?

R got his first cold of the season this year! He was coughing and sneezing and it was hard for me to see him like that. Then he saw his dad and I concerned, so he says I am too young for coffeeing but not too old for coughing!ย  It took me sometime before I got it ๐Ÿ™‚

How old are you?

Little P is now talking many things and learning a lot. So, I decided to wear my teacher hat and started to teach him about his name, his brother name and so on and then I taught him, when someone asks; “How old are you? You say I am two years old”. After practicing it all, I tried to show off his new knowledge to Zenguy when he came from office.

I as a parent should have known not to make a fool of myself, as child have capability to do amazing thing with you, when you are alone, but you try to show or share to others, your child acts like he does not know what are you talking about. Little P did better than that though.

So, when asked “How old are you?”ย  He said ” I am TOO old” ๐Ÿ™‚ (instead of two years old)

Some Funny Pictures of Kids

Looking for decent images of funny kids over the internet is lot tougher compared to what I thought. I found many images, but most of them were crude, and some of them were offensive. I was however able to find a few decent, clean and cute images to share. Hope you enjoy it. Source of images are shown right below the image.

Spider Boy!


Copy and Pasteย 

source: funnypix


Comfortable, are you?

Too Fast?


I have been cloned!


No Chairs, No Problem

Kids are funny, even when they are not trying to be one. If you just listen to them and open up a world of constant wonder. Enjoy!




  1. ZenGirl says:


    It is so great to see you, how have you been? I have been okay, very slow blogging and even slow commenting elsewhere, I hope to catch up and read some of my favorites like your blog, I miss it.

    Yes, kids dressed up, they each had 2 costume changes ๐Ÿ™‚ I am lately bit lazy putting up and downloading picture though, I love taking pics, it is downloading and sorting that is something I need to work on. How are you and your mother? Take care.

  2. Evelyn Lim says:

    I enjoyed the “Copy and Paste” photo the best. It sure seems like you went through a lot of effort to get this post with its pictures together! Thanks!!

  3. ZenGirl says:


    I like that one too! Finding pictures is easy, finding decent picture was little tough but not too bad. I think ALL kids are cute and funny, I had to slow down to see that ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by.

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