No Spend Month Challenge: July 2011- Update 1

I am doing No Spend Month Challenge for Month of July or I should say an No Spend Month Experience as I have no idea how it is going to go. Last year I have done this challenge and I was fun challenge but it was not easy.

We are living in Northern California, where many things have gone up in prices, such as rice, milk, gas prices and all. Kids are one year older, while Zenguy has a project, I still do not make money. I was making little money (like few bucks on book sales via amazon, that is gone now, thanks to new California Tax law and amazon’s decision).

Anyways, I am up for challenge; Here it is in nut shell;

4 People

31 days


If you want to see what is included in budget and what is not and to see previous year’s recap, you can see here by clicking: No Spend Month Challenge 2011.

Spending Update: (July 1- July 4th)

Remember, we did not stock up on any milk, groceries or gas.

We also had to replace water heater but the work was started in end of June, so it will be not part of July Budget. Otherwise, we would have busted our budget.

Trader Joe’s: 24.29

Gas for Hybrid car: $37.23

Vegetables, Fruits: $18.86

Total Spent: $80.38

This does not look great, as we spent almost 1/3 of budget in 4 days, without going out in any trip. I guess I have to be careful for next 27 days.

This challenge is much more then about saving money, it is about using up what we already have in fridge, in pantry. It is about finding creative ways to live and have fun without breaking wallet.

There are still lot of people hurting in bad economy and they are forced to live in “no spend month”, every month. I feel still lucky to cut budget because I choose to and still help others as helping others, charity and educational stuff is not going to be part of $300.00 budget.

How are you saving money this month?



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  1. Carla says:

    Today is the last day of my Fiscal Fast, and I’m thrilled with my savings! I saved just under $500 this week by not spending! From here on in I really want to look carefully at where/how we pending our $$ as our income has dropped a big chunk this month.

    You did spend a good amount today but hopefully you can majestic it last. Including as in the equation will really be the test I think…

    Good luck!! 🙂

  2. Betsy Bargain says:

    Don’t be discouraged, Preeti. You still have time to turn things around this month. I noticed you spent some money on fruits and vegetables. Just a thought – is there anywhere nearby where you could take a walk and glean any fruit growing on public land, over fences, etc.? Do family or friends grow any fruit or vegetables they want to share? I know it won’t help this month, but is there part of your yard where you could start growing some of your own vegetables in the future?

  3. ZenGirl says:


    I am so proud of you! $500 saving in a week is way too cool! Congratulations. I am not buying too much, just what we need but money seems to be going away fast then coming in 🙂 as always.

  4. ZenGirl says:

    Thanks Betsy,

    I hope too that things will turn around. We have small vegetable growing in yard but no fruits or vegetables are growing yet, thanks to strange weather we have here.

    I do get lemons from a wonderful neighbor sometimes but I am going to have to look at other option and use up what we have at home.

  5. Sibyl says:

    Always love watching this challenge from the sideline. I know you will be successful yet once again. I bet the gas will last a while and now it is already the 10th:)

  6. ZenGirl says:


    Thanks for being supportive and watching it from sideline. We live frugally generally every month we usually have some leeway and flexibility for unexpected expenses unlike this month.

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