Life Lessons: A Free ebook from 108 Bloggers

I am happy to share another free ebook to Heart and Mind readers today. Last year I contributed to Abubakar Jamil’s Life Lessons Series where many bloggers participated, sharing life lessons they have learned so far. I had so many lessons learned (and still learning), I shared 2 part series of life lessons. Click below to see my both articles on life lessons I wished I had known earlier.

Life Lesson I wished I had Learned Earlier Part 1

Life Lessons I wished I had Learned Earlier Part 2

Abubakar and Farnoosh both good friends and bloggers have turned this life lessons series in to a ebook using short lessons quotes from each articles. It is jamm packed with solid life lessons that surely has inspired me and I am sure all of you as well. You can download it free and you do not have to give email or subscribe at all. However, I hope you check out this and other blogs and subscribe because you like what they have to say.

This ebook has contribution from 108 bloggers, that is simply amazing to have many bloggers contributed. Hope you enjoy as much as people who wrote the life lessons. I am very happy to be part of such a joint contribution from my blogger peers that I enjoy reading and some I got to know through this series.

Click here to download: Life Lessons: From 108 Bloggers.

Do not forget I also have another free ebook  Meaningful Celebration for instant download, if you have not already seen it. Meaningful Celebration ebook is my first offering on my blog (and not the last), where I am sharing ways to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Holidays from heart and not from wallet; bringing the bit sanity and peace within celebration throughout the year!

Enjoy and share with others.




  1. Dawn says:

    I think we all need a bit of inspiration now and then, Preeti, so the lessons that others have learned as they travel this rocky road called life are always invaluable. And the best part is when a number of people have shared because it then becomes so adaptable. Even if one person’s story does not resonate with you – another person’s will.

    A great thing to do.

  2. ZenGirl says:


    You are so right, all of us can use some inspiration now and then. These bloggers have sure inspired me along with my own mistakes. I hope you enjoyed reading this ebook.

  3. ZenGirl says:


    I am glad you liked it! The credit goes to Abubakar for creating the idea and Farnoosh too. It has come out very nice and inspiring.

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