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  1. TheSimplePoppy
    January 11, 2011

    I try to be car-light. We are a two car household; my husband works out of state in a rural area and like you, there is no way I’m dragging my hyper homeschooling family all over this bike-unfriendly city without a car. I think I might have a nervous breakdown bringing my grocery shopping home on the bus.I try to consolidate my errands and we walk a lot. I took the train and walked all through college and loved it. One day I’d like to get down to one car, but I feel like we’re still doing our part to be sustainable. Also, I have to point out, that many of the people advocating car-less lifestyles fly many, many times a year for pleasure. It’s all what you’re willing (or able) to give up.

    • ZenGirl
      January 12, 2011


      Yes with kids and living in rural area can be hard for going car free. We are not car free, but we do our own way of going green and save money. Like you said, many people do fly, instead of car driving. It is all same.

      I know you do many other going green ways in your life from your blog posts! Keep up the great work.

  2. Betsy Bargain
    January 11, 2011

    I have been car-free for over 20 years, but now that I am living in Southern CA, Mr. Bargain has a car, so we are car-light. I walk to the grocery store, library and anywhere else I need to go while he is working. I share a ride to work with my partner. I have never missed my car. In many cities, the public transportation is great, and owning a car is just a hassle. Unfortunately, the public transit is not so great where we are now. I say if you live somewhere it is feasible, go for it! You will love all the money you save. Good post, Preeti.

    • ZenGirl
      January 12, 2011


      Yes, I remember you saying you are car-free. I am totally amazed for people who can do that. Some places are good at public transportation, US is not the best in my opinion for it. I have seen it better public transportation in India, Europe and elsewhere.

  3. rob white
    January 12, 2011

    Hi Preeti,
    Being car free is admirable. The US is very car-centric and aside from large cities our society was built around the assumption that we will have access to a car. Like you point out, a middle ground can be found. I make it a point to walk to do all my errands and drive only when necessary. We do have to change our minds about our dependence on big cars and fossil fuels. It is reassuring to see people embracing Hybrid technology these days.

    • ZenGirl
      January 12, 2011


      You are so right about US being so car centric, it does not make going car free easy! Zenguy has a Hybrid and I use my van little as possible and do errands together to save time and gas. We are finding that middle ground seems to work for us and many others like your self.

  4. Invest It Wisely
    January 12, 2011

    There are ways to reduce car use and save money even if one doesn’t go car-free. I’m considering keeping my car for a longer period of time in order to cut down on those depreciation costs. I also recently posted my thoughts about this and mentioned your article in there as well.

    • ZenGirl
      January 12, 2011


      Thank you for mentioning my article, I will sure check out your post. Yes, we are doing the middle ground right now as going car free is not something we can do, with 2 little boys. USA sure is car-centric place. I found Europe, India, China do better in terms of public transportation.

  5. Angela Artemis
    January 12, 2011

    Hi Preeti,
    I often think how much simpler life would be without a car, but living in the suburbs makes it very difficult. I do think getting a smaller car, or hybrid is probably the way I’ll go when I next buy a car.

  6. ZenGirl
    January 12, 2011


    I think sometimes choosing right thing maybe not be right at the time. I think you are very wise to wait until you are ready for next car to buy, it does not make sense to buy it now, if your car is working fine.

    I wish I could go car-free but it is not possible due to kids, lack of public transportation choices and times. Will see, like I said doing middle compromise works for us.

    There are not black and white always, life has lot of grey area and it is okay to live that way for us!

  7. Alien Ghost
    January 14, 2011

    Hi Preeti,

    It seems to me sometimes people in this country tend to go to the extremes. I can understand the need for cleaner air and reducing expenses at home, plus adding some more exercising in the process, but it is my believe that, as you mention in your examples, many times it is just not convenient to not have a car, and there are alternatives in the reduction process.

    Owning a car is been a dream for people for the past century for the freedom of movement it gives, so promoting the no-owning car idea is to me like promoting going back in time. Instead, just changing to a more sensible car will make a big difference.

    People tend to still go to the extreme in this matter of a sensible car, and think of expensive hybrid vehicles, when going to a small four door sedan, with a small engine, will do a lot, without having to loose mobility and convenience. Just think of the kind of cars available in Europe.

    For an idea of the difference in the environment and cost when switching from one kind of car to the other take a look at the post “Burning Fuel” in my blog, where I explain this differences.

    Thank you for bringing this important issue to people, so a better environment can be achieved, together with a better quality of life for everyone.


    • ZenGirl
      January 15, 2011


      Yes, it is hard to achieve balance in doing things that works for us along with what works with masses. You bring up an important point that car-free might seems like going back to time idea! We can use sensible small car and do more walking it will help our health and earth both.

      We use cars, zenguy uses Hybrid and I use my minivan for traveling with kids to minimum. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on this topic! I love your unique ways, did you know?

  8. nazimwarriach
    February 25, 2011

    Hi ZenGirl,
    I am living a Car Free Life but now I want a mini car as I am living 300km away from my home town and public transport on this route is very uncomfortable.
    I will try to live an environment friendly life even after having a car by using it when it is necessary.
    Videos are likable.

    • ZenGirl
      March 8, 2011


      It is good that you are car free, but sometimes we can own a car and still make a impact on environment. You seem like a guy who will just do that, I am glad you liked the videos.

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