Meaningful Celebration: Free eBook download

Heart and Mind: Free eBook download

I have been blogging slowly and steady for at Heart and Mind for awhile, I have learned a lot about myself while sharing what I know with others. I am into creating a life that does not need any escape from, by balancing our heart and mind and enjoying the life in slow lane.

Reasons behind Meaningful Celebration eBook

I recently wrote about how holidays have taken over by shopping and we have lost the true meaning of holidays and celebrations and we should stop this stressful vicious circle and not shop un-necessary stuff that can increase our credit card debts. It is all about feeding our soul and not credit card balance.

There are many simple ways we can be truly happy and spending money is not always necessary to actually show sincere appreciation to loved ones.

Why this eBook is Free?

Today am releasing my first ebook for you to download for FREE and NO email or subscribing is required. I want this to be available for free to everyone who wants to get it, as a simple thank you to all of you for your support here!

This is my small gift to all of you for reading my posts, leaving comments and being part of my journey to make life bit better. This book is from my heart and something I follow in my real life and have written about it on this blog. It has 18 pages, so small enough to not overwhelm you but hopefully right size for making a impact on your future celebrations, be it birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, thanksgiving or new year celebrations.

Click here to download instantly: Meaningful elebration eBook for Free!

It is available instantly and as I said, you do not need to give me your name of email to get this free copy. If you like to subscribe to my blog on your own will, you can do it via RSS or email here.

Share the knowledge

You can download it even if you are first time visitor or 1000th time visitor. Please share and email your friends and family members if you think they can benefit from it.

You can tweet or write about it on your blog as you are all my marketing department as you know I am not on any social media or do any marketing for my blog.

This is my first attempt at creating eBook, so let me know your input! Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you!

Zengirl AKA Preeti

There are few ebooks from other Blogger I like and recommend, they are not free but reasonably priced and great value for anyone. There are many ebooks out there but I only recommend only these few by bloggers I admire and read.

eBooks from Great Bloggers and Experts

I love everything Leo Baubuta of Zen Habits does and has created. Here are some of his ebooks that I like?

Simple Guide to Minimalist life : Its sells for $9.95 only and believe me it has great many information that is worth lot more.

ZenHabits Handbook for Life : $6.95 only for handbook for life.

Zen to done Guide: This is best of “getting things done” by David Allen with Zen habits view point, one of the best guide I have seen in productivity: $9.50 only.

If you want to buy all thress ebooks for one low price, click here: Buy Now $19.99 only.

Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt has 2 great ebooks that tells you how to get out of debt and make money selling your stuff.

Sells your Crap: Clutter Crusher Edition: This edition has extra videos and details on how to sell on craigslist, ebay and more. Sells for $47 but promises that you will make $100 or more following his methods, and we agree.

Unautomate your Finance: Adam knows his debt and money and this guide sure it helpful to get your finances in order, sells for $17.


I am a big fan of Rachel from Simple Notebook and she has released a ebook about simple blogging.

Click here to visit Simple Blogging.: Only sells for $8 and it is perfect for people like me who blog part time between kids and life.


  1. Evelyn says:

    Hi Preeti,

    Congratulations on your first e-book! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for giving it away for free. I’ve already downloaded and will share this awesome news.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Katie says:

    What a generous and loving gift to offer your readers. Thank you Preeti. Your warm heart continues to shine out from your words and actions. All the best to you and your family this holiday season.

  3. ZenGirl says:


    Thank you so much, you are first commenter on this ebook so it makes you special! Thank you for sharing the news and wonderful person that you are!

  4. The Vizier says:

    Hi Preeti,

    I too have found that as I blog and share, I also end up learning more about myself and the world around me in the process. It is truly a great life to have when we can balance our heart and mind and making the lives of those around us a little better. What more could we ask for?

    I love your thoughtful gift. It would be great to read about the simple ways we can truly be happy without having to spend money. And I also like it that the book is short and easily digestible. Given the fact that you have writing it for all festive occasions, it would be a good book to refer to continuously.

    Thank you for sharing this precious gift with us and I look forward to more ebooks from you! πŸ™‚

    Irving aka the Vizier

  5. ZenGirl says:


    Isn’t it funny how we learn when we are trying to teach something? I feel I have learned more about me, by writing things out here and only person I can change is me, so it is good thing! πŸ™‚

    I hope you enjoy the eBook ! It is my first creation so I am nervous and excited to share it. Thanks for the support.

  6. ZenGirl says:

    Angela Dear,

    Thank you for you continued support and kind words. I hope your like the ebook and wishing you many great joyous holidays to you and your mother.

  7. Farnoosh says:

    Congratulations Preeti, super woman, coming up with an ebook despite having your busy obligations at home and with children….thank you and I have downloaded to read soon!

  8. Alien Ghost says:

    Hi Preeti,

    Congratulations for your brand new ebook! I already took a look at it and is very interesting for all the topics and the tips given; great work!!

    Hope there’ll be many more coming πŸ™‚


  9. rob white says:

    Thank you for your wonderful gift, Pretti. Sowing and Reaping is an intricate part of this ever expanding cosmos in which we live… You are sowing marvelously and shall reap the benefits. I am enjoying my download tremendously… thank you.

  10. Karen says:

    Congratulations on your first ebook, Preeti! I know how much hard work you put into it and how glad that you are that it’s finally ‘out there’. Thanks so much for reminding us that holidays are about family time – not how much something cost.

  11. Thu Nguyen says:

    Hello Preeti!

    Long time no talk. πŸ™‚ How are you my friend? It seems you’re on a roll. I have downloaded your ebook and could definitely use some tips this holiday. Thanks so much for it.

    Great design by the way! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s inside. I’ll talk to you soon.


  12. ZenGirl says:


    Thank you, I am far from super woman, I am bit exhausted but I generally am with 2 active young ones. Let me know how you like it once you have a chance.

    I loved your blog report ebook, you made me feel like I was in blog world with you!

  13. ZenGirl says:


    Thank you for liking the ebook. It was fun at the end, but it sure was lot of work. I hope there will be more ebook in future as I like writing, but I will take some break. How about you? Are you planning one?

  14. ZenGirl says:


    Thank you for kind words. You are so right about benefits, right now, I am getting so much which may not be monetary but as important in my life and I am happy to share and give my abundance to my friends and readers. Hope you like it.

  15. ZenGirl says:


    Thank you. I am aware you know it is lot of work and finally happy to see the ebook out there. I really wanted to share and say thank you to everyone for reading little unknown me! It has been a great journey of learning. Some days are tough but I am making it through.

    Holidays and life are much better when shared with friends and family.

  16. ZenGirl says:


    Yes, I missed you. How have you been? You are doing great from what I see. I hope you like the ebook about sharing meaningful and thoughtful celebrations be it Christmas, Birthdays or anniversary! Hope you have a great day. Thanks for stopping by friend.

  17. Arvind Devalia says:

    Congratulations Preeti for your wonderful gift.

    Good luck with yoour much needed message out there. I just shared it on Facebook and Twitter:-)

    Wishing you a very meaningful and peaceful festive period.

    Love and blessings


  18. taurian says:

    Yeah Preethi ,

    due to the hectic work I was out of the blog for a while.

    Christmas time , so got to complete few assessments at work place.

    Good to see your blog always. Have a nice time ….

    Merry Christmas month.

  19. ZenGirl says:


    I can understand at the end of year everything tend to get busy at work, at home and social circle. Thanks for taking time to read here. Have a great Holidays.

  20. ZenGirl says:


    Thank you for spreading the message and your wishes. You are one of the kind blogger I have met, wishing you great holidays and joy! Just do not too busy with weddings to attend, unless it is your own! πŸ™‚ Have a great year.

  21. Cole Stan says:

    100%, I agree. Most people become too materialistic. They always associate celebrations with gifts or fabulous parties. Why don’t they just enjoy the moment where they can spend a day with their family or loved ones.

  22. Aileen says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Preeti!!! You really are super woman πŸ™‚

    I have no idea how you wrote this e-book with your schedule and responsibilities. You are incredible!!!!!!


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